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a vi .. i don't want people to think this is how oakland is. >> you're grad you're able to run and help somebody else. >> a violent week wednesday yenned in oakland. a car break in ends with a shooting. neighbors went after the suspect and helped the wounded. in the weather department we have shock developments. potential for thunderstorms means high fire danger. we'll have details coming up in a minute. the bay bridge was a big test. i think in some case wes failed that test. you can have it fast or cheap, but you can't have it both ways. >> on again and off again, the new bay bridge has an opening date. what does the bolt drama say about the state's ability to do big projects however w director
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from the metropolitan transportation commission weighs in. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm anne makovec. >> and i'm phil matier. we have a lot of news to cover. good news about the bay bridge and bolts. we'll be sitting down with someone about that. >> the governor just signed a bill that is giving new rights to transgender students in california. one bay area city already has these rules in effect. we'll take a look at how that is going to spread over the state it's a controversial new law. hillary clinton, is she running for president? she came to san francisco with a message. new this morning. >> san francisco fire chief is banning the use of those video cameras that are mounted on some firefighters helmets. after images became public of the response to the asiana crash. a department rig running over and kill ago girl who was
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covered with foam. filming the scene may have violated the privacy firefighters and victims. critics say it's better to know what happened and that the department seems concerned about liability. new details of a u.p.s. cargo crash. the cockpit controls on the a300 were working as the plane went down. plus an alarm call to sync rate warning went off seconds before impact. the crash on wednesday morning killed both pilots. the plane hit the ground less than a mile away from the runway. three separate shootings in oakland have killed three people in a 24-hour period since friday night. the latest happened about 9:30 last night. a woman died in a shooting near 77nd avenue. a man was also hurt. he is expected to survive. also, a 4-year-old child has minor injuries caused by flying glass. so far no suspects have been identified. a separate shooting in oakland sent four people in the
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hospital. it started in broad daylight yesterday afternoon with a car break in. don knapp talked to witnesses who went after the suspect. >> reporter: it started as a car break in and should have ended when neighbors gave chase. about 10 minutes later the thief came back and started shooting. >> the young woman's boyfriend who of the not shot -- who was not shot chased after him. him and another bystander took a photo, so the police have a photoset young man. he came back, circled back and went on and shots fired. >> reporter: two men and two women were wounded. one person is in critical condition. three of the wounded worked at bad boys hair salon. >> the involvement of a young man that was shot the most, he tried to push the young woman out of the way. >> reporter: this happened near telegraph and broadway. not far from city hall. an improving area called up
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town. >> 10 minutes later approximately, you hear a pop pop. gentleman shooting. marquis when he's on the ground. i go over and render first aid. >> reporter: if there's an up side, it's this. whatted neighborhood did after the shooting. >> at that moment it's just you're glad you're able to run and help somebody else out at that point. >> reporter: and it wasn't just those two. many came to help the victims. >> they came from rudy's. they did that because they wanted to get this guy. and to help four people who were shot. >> reporter: this man who didn't want to appear on camera says the response reflects the true oakland. >> i don't want people to think this is how oakland is. and there's a lot of people who came to aid, you know. so that's oakland. people coming to help people. that's oakland. not what happened. the aftermath. there was genuine concern. >> reporter: in oakland, don
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knapp, kpix 5. >> all four victims are expected to survive. in international news, egypt has increased security at a key courthouse. it comes ahead of planned rallies of supporters of mohammed morsi. the egyptian cabinet is -- hundreds of morsi supports took rejudge fuel in a mosque. security forces eventually stormed the mosque yesterday and cleared it out. at least a thousand people have been killed in various violent activities since wednesday. happening today, a recall drive to get san diego's mayor out of office. organizers needily 120,000 ballot signatures. the 16 women so far including three city employees have publicly accused mayor bob filner of unwanted sexual advances. the city council has called for him to resign. san diego city attorney is
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considering getting a restraining order to bar the mayor from city hall. right now nearly 600 firefighters are on the front lines of the fire in bute county. it is about 20% contained. t burned 1900 acres so far. fire crews may be able to contain that fire by tuesday morning. hundreds of people are being evacuated from that area. 400 buildings are threatened. nobody has opinion hurt yet. the cause of that is under investigation. a 13-story building in hayward went out with a bang. >> it happened yesterday on the cal state campus east bay. yesterday's implosion left a big cloud of dust. the seismic review that prompted the demolition found that the building, which is situated just 2000 feet from the fault is highly volar inable to an earthquake. scientists installed hundreds of seismic sensors to record
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the implosion because it has an effect similar to a quake. >> i could feel it in my feet. there was the boom, boom, boom percussion. i was looking for ground motion. >> the campus was closed ahead of the implosion. now next, a 5-story structure will be built elsewhere on campus. it will serve as an office space and student service center. counting down to opening day for the new bay bridge. the safety debate that nearly delayed it. our conversation coming up. mishaps on the water. the scary moments in this america's cup race on the san francisco bay. students... how san francisco with a new law went all day without using the bathroom? >> how san francisco is leading the state with a new law and critics who say it goes too far. changes in the weather department. some clouds around the bay. sunshine inland and prospects for some thunderstorms late tonight. yeah. we'll have details.
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first, let's pay homage to our sponsor. oh look, some sunshine out there. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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killed five women last more bay area headlines. tomorrow we will learn more about deadly limb seen fire that killed five women last may. you're looking at cell phone video of that fire. you can see the back end of the limo bursting into flames. it happened while the limo was traveling across the san mateo bridge. the joint investigation by city and county authorities is expected to reveal what caused the fire and whether or not negligence may be involved. the four surviving passengers say they told the driver there was smoke before the fire ignited. starting tomorrow, there will be a series of town hall meeting in the east bay to discuss fire service cut backs. a consulting firm is studying how the contra costa county fire protection can be most effective. the consultants want to hear from the people. the first meeting, tomorrow
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night 6:30. several cars caught fire inside the oakland coliseum parking lot during the it happei after the a's starting playing the indians. investigators say one car drove on to or too close a small grill and caught fire. the flames then spread to nearby cars. three others had minor damage, but nobody was hurt. it is warming up. even warmer than yesterday. >> yes, it will come up about 5 to 0 degrees. we're starting out with a lot of clouds. a few suggestions for how to spend your sunday in a let's keep you up to date on the latest. right now concord, 61 degrees. sunny in livermore and 63. clouds around the south bay. parts of the east bay shoreline, north bay is mostly clear. fog creeping up the napa river. santa rosa, 59 degrees. some spots, just nothing but
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blue. if you want to take in today's a's game, they're playing the endians again. 1:05 p.m. 75 degrees. here's what we expect, sunny earlier today. temperatures will warm up about 10 degrees over yesterday's highs. a chance of thunderstorms late today through wednesday. not much of a chance. with all that tender dry fuel out there, fire weather warnings posted. satellite and radar shows the moisture is confined to the southern end of the valley. as we come up the central valley, it'll wrap around the low off shore. it's the potential for maybe a thunder. bumper or two. wide view, clouds over the central valley. low pressure triggering this. going to be near 100 degrees inland. future cast shows we're starting out with some fog along the shoreline. later in the day, watch the moisture come up. overnight hours, we've got moisture over the santa cruz
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mountains. little shower activity would not be a surprise. 100 degrees at livermore today. 89 degrees at santa rosa. 72 in the city. 85 in san jose. extended forecast, looking for that chance of thunderstorms to linger through wednesday. latter half of the week, we'll go little cooler. temperatures in the bay, mid70s all week. unusual this time of year. when you go outside, muggy, unusual for the bay area. >> muggy yesterday as well. warm and muggy. almost balmy as they'd say. >> indeed. but have a good one. republican lawmaker is pulling at least one of his sons out of public school just because of a new law on the rights of transgender students. tim donly lives in twin peaks. he says the law will infringe on other kids privacy rights. language for a ballot referendum. the law will allow students equal access to facilities and
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activities based on their gender identity. it is the first state flaw of its kind in the nation. john blackstone has more on who the law is designed to help and why many are opposed. >> reporter: logan henderson just graduated from santa monica high school. he was born female. >> did you start as logan? >> it is a youny sex name. i was born with that name. i don't have to change my name at all. save some money. >> reporter: he started taking male hormones and began give living as a male. it wasn't easy. >> i never used the bathroom. >> reporter: you went all day without using the bathroom? you didn't feel comfortable going to the boy's bathroom r? or the girl's. >> no. >> reporter: the new legislation is creating worries that others won't feel safe. >> this legislation is so extreme and unbalanced. here you have girls in the locker room taking their showers and yet you also have a boy that could come in there,
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undress, be naked at the same time. >> reporter: brad is founder of the pacific justice institute. >> this allows a large male to play on the girl's wrestling team. now this is a high touch, high impact sport. this is going to cause many girls to feel violated when you have wrestling, a male wrestling a female. >> reporter: lawsuits are expected before the law takes effect january 1st. supporters say school systems in los angeles and san francisco have been operating under similar rules for years with no problems. that transgender students need this help. >> rules on transgender rights have been in place for years in san francisco. >> and this morning we got a better sense of how this works in city public school districts. we asked kevin -- director of wellness and safety -- >> i'll take it. we asked him what happened with individual students when this issue comes up. >> what we do is we engage the
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students and the family with what's going to be best for that student as well as the other students. >> so how does it work? >> what we do is -- we're assuming these are high school students we're talking about now. let's say we have a high school student who does have a gender identity of a young woman, a girl. was born a biological boy. we work with what's going to be best for that student and the school. >> where is the line drawn between somebody as male or female? >> we work that out. >> is it the physical change or mental change? >> you're getting into a whole area that i'm not an expert on. but the reality is we go with -- we start with what the student and the family dialogue with us. >> so they say that. now when do you take that another public and say you are going to have to accept this; right? because that's what you're saying to the other students and parents. >> well, what we do is we work -- we go back to the families,
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go back to the individual student and say how would you like us to help you message this to your friends at school, to your teachers at school, to the administration at school. >> but who makes the call. i'm trying to back to this. this is the argument against this that you're going to hear. if the patients say that john is joan and john says he's joan, but the other people still see a john -- >> right. >> they might not be comfortable. do they have a right to say we're not comfortable with this? if they say that, will that be listened to or is that a form of prejudice? >> we listen to all sides of the story. if we look at the law, we're looking at that the student as the right to access to a toilet and has the right to access to change. that's what we're going to work at. >> it's the student's call, not the classmate's call; right? they don't have a say in the decision. >> according to what i understand the law to be, the student has the right to access to a toilet, has the right to
8:48 am
access to change for physical education, for sports activities. that's what we would work at. >> what about the reactions of the other students and their parents? >> i have to say in our history we've never had an issue. so i guess when that arises we'll deal with it. >> okay. when does this arise? another question i'm hearing, we're talking in some cases about elementary school students. >> that's right. >> are they -- do they even know what their gender is at that age? >> of course they do. if we look at the development of young children, they have a very clear idea of whether they're a boy or girl. society tells them what they are. >> what if they've decided or they think at that age that they are the other? a different one? are they old enough to make that call? >> what we do is we deal with it where it is. the assumption is that every child who identifies as gender variant is going to begin some
8:49 am
kind of a hormonal treatment or something. we work with where the child is at that time. >> okay. do studies show that at that young of an age you can be making these kind of calls? and beginning that kind of treatment? >> yes. and there's not a lot of research on this. but we work with, again, i want to go back, this isn't a 6-year- old child coming in and saying this is what i want. this is how it's going to be. we engage the student. we engage the parents. then we engage the school in a dialogue on what's going to be best for that student. >> and you haven't had any problems with this? >> we have not. >> that is of course san francisco. i think it was also interesting to a lot of people how quickly this was pushed through the legislature and how quickly the governor signed it. >> it's a question of rights. coming up, counting down to the opening day of the new bay bridge. a major test of the state and its ability to do big projects. and also what's next, our conversation with randy from the metropolitan transportation commission when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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conditions forced race orga to happening today, the second race of the cup final. windy conditions forced race organizers to postpone it until today. in the first race yesterday, new zealand toured the tarp at the center of it. two men had to be rescued. italy withdrew because of problems with the keel of its boat. both are competing for the right to take on team usa next
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month. we are 15 days from opening day on the new bay bridge. before it opens to the public, it will be completely shut down starting wednesday, august 28th. it's going to be closed for five days while crews prepare the opening of the new eastern span. crews expect to complete their work by tuesday, september 3rd. that new eastern span especially on that day at 5:00 a.m. >> keep your fingers crossed. we turn to randy from the metropolitan transportation commission. our first question, i don't know what was more frustrating, the busting bolts or the on again, off again nature of when we were going to get it done. >> two things related. we were going to wait for the bay bring to be completed. that was going to be december. that was too long. this other fix emerged, the temporary fix that would allow the bridge to be open. we gravitated toward that. >> every step of the way you tried to be as public as possible about it all. do you think that was a plus or
8:54 am
minus? >> i don't think we had a choice. when you really see it, what really happens sometimes is, it's a lot for people. >> during that public process, there were questions raised, other bolts to the tendons that hold the bridge together. so a lot more questions got raised. >> most of those have been settled to the satisfaction of the engineers. big construction projects have a lot of issues. these are the only ones the public knows about. some of them were significant, like the broken bolts. some of them made the news and weren't that big of a deal. >> what does this stay about the state's ability to do big projects? >> look, i think that's the biggest question here that i still think we need to resolve. the bay bridge was a big test. i think in some cases we failed that test. big project had a lot of problems. i do think that having it
8:55 am
managed by a local agency, participate with cal trans since 2005 saw big positives. cost did not go up. the schedule held. >> there are a lot of politics involved. some said if you just fix the thing or put up a new bridge that was just an engineering bridge, this could have been done at less, maybe half or even less of a cost. and done quicker. >> all that is true. anyone who reads a history of the golden gate bridge figured out how difficult that was as well. it was as difficult then as it is now. it look a lot longer now. but i think society has changed a bit. think think that standard
8:56 am
turned into a long political discussion. >> and one of the most expensive standards. >> no doubt about that. whatted other construction -- you can have it fast or cheap, but you can't have it both ways. it was expensive. no two ways about. >> coming up we'll be having a sit down with state senator who still has questions about this bay bridge and what it means for other massive project thes in the state like high speed rail. >> leading a big information on that right now. -- investigation on that right now. countdown continues coming up in the next half hour. we will have that conversation with the state senator. we're going to have eyes on former secretary of state and first lady during her visit to san francisco. what may be hillary clinton's chances for another presidential run. ,,,,
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interest in the case - now ta new details on the investigator from oakland who was found dead in the north bay. the person of interest is talking in a jailhouse interview. how he describes his relationship with sandra coat. chance of thunderstorms working their way into the bay area. as those thunderstorms come north, chance for fire increases. we'll talk about that in a minute. she's so formidable right now and women are hungering for if >>we only had a crystal
9:00 am
ball. no word on another presidential run by hillary clinton. our political insiders sound off on her chance for success. welcome back to kpix 5 this morning. the time is 9:00. it's august 18th. in case you're wondering where you are. >> thanks for joining us. we have a lot to talk about in the next half hour. hillary clinton was in the bay area, is she going to make a presidential run? >> it's a question of when. also we're going to sit down with state senator and talk about projects, bay bridge, high speed rail or the plan to tunnel under the delta to put water to southern california. can we do these things? starting with new details on the person of interest in the killing of oakland woman sandra coke. in an interview from jail with the bay area news group, this man says he and coke were a loving couple who attended
9:01 am
church together. he says they had plans to get married. authorities say he violated the terms of his parole by having numerous contact with her. he's accused of not charging the tracking device he was to wear. after parole and resisting arrest, he is being held without bail. and coke, who was 50 years old was first reported missing on august 4th. her body found in this area 5 days later. she worked for the federal public defender's office in sacramento. there's a new lawsuit taking a closer look at california's prison realignment law. the family of a murdered grandmother is suing the state. they say prison officials failed to properly supervise the victim's 40-year-old grandson. they claim he was released from the county jail in stockton after he violated parole and then murdered his grandmother. the case has attracted
9:02 am
attention from critics. they say the law has created ab early release of dangerous offenders. >> three separate shootings in oakland have killed three people since friday night. latest happened about 9:00 to last night. a woman died in a shooting near 72nd avenue and mcarthur boulevard. a man was injured, but is expected to survive. a 4-year-old child has minor injuries caused by flying glass. so far no suspects have been ided. a separate shooting sent four people in the hospital. started in broad daylight yesterday afternoon. a car break this. neighbors chased the suspect and did get a woman's stolen purse back. 10 minutes later the suspected thief came back and started shooting. one woman watched the chain of events from inside her shop. >> the young woman's boyfriend, who was not shot, actually ran after him, chased him down. him and another bystander chased him down. took a photo, so the police have a photo of the young man. he came back, circled back and
9:03 am
went on and shots fired. >> two men and two women were wounded. one is in critical condition. all four people are expected to survivor. so far no arrests. some oakland neighborhoods are fed up with the violence. john blackstone explains how they're willing to pay for private security. >> reporter: gunfire has become so common on the streets of oakland, california that even a neighborhood that once seemed immune to the city's violence, residents are no longer shocked. >> oh, another shooting. >> reporter: lived for 14 years in maxwell park. a place with glorious views across san francisco bay, neat houses and friendly neighbors. >> most wonderful neighborhood. >> reporter: yet you have to brick in private security. >> yep. >> reporter: with budget cuts forcing oakland to trim its professor by a third, residents
9:04 am
decided to pay themselves for private security patrols. when you hear this. >> a car came down the street, three guys got out with a gun. there was a gun battle three blocks over. i did hear actually bullet went in somebody's house. >> reporter: that routine gunfire turned tragic last month. >> our neighbor judy who lived in the next block to me was shot and killed. >> reporter: judy saloman was murdered as she drove home. who did it and why is unknown. neighbors gathering at the spot where she died fear that if it could happen to her, it could happen to anyone. as for the woman who was murdered last month, neighbors say she was in the process of getting a petition signed for private security before she was killed. right now more firefighters are joining the front lines of a big wildfire in ketchum, idaho. 144 square miles of forest have
9:05 am
burned. more than 700 firefighters are trying to safety forest right now. that fire is only 6% contained. more than 2000 people who live there have been evacuated. al gore will give the keynote address tomorrow. the former vice president was at the first summit in 1997. well, elected officials and environmentalists will talk about changes that have threatened the clear lake waters. recent reports show that tahoe is experiencing a rebounding clarity. last year an average depth of more than 75 feet of clarity. she has not shared clues about a presidential run, but california voters have plenty to say about hillary clinton's political future. the rum results of our poll. conversation when we come back. first lady michelle obama opening up about family and life in the white house in a
9:06 am
new magazine interview. does she think there will be a female commander in chief in her lifetime. pressure is on. meet sup in the bay area today. as much as 10 degrees warmer. potential maybe for a thunderstorm tonight? tomorrow? talk about that. first looking at the numbers. wow, already 68 at livermore. ,,,,,,,,,,
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going to be a nice day in the bay area today. er to cast high, about 85 degrees under perfectly sunny skies. ,,,,,,,,
9:09 am
's vineyard first lady michelle obama is wrapping up her family's summer vacation in hair that and vineyard today. she's looking ahead to life after the white house. new details on how she's opening up in a new magazine interview. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama, biking with her family friday on martha's vineyard. opening up to parade magazine about raising 15-year-old malia and 12-year-old sasha. what i tell my kids is i'm preparing you for college and life. figuring out thousand make the ambulance. asked about these comments. >> as a busy single mother, i shouldn't say single. as a busy mother.
9:10 am
>> reporter: the first lady told parade, i give my husband credit. he knows who their friends are, he knows what their schedule is. but he's not making the calls to the dance studio to figure out what classes they're taking next year. she's made a point of promoting healthy eating. and exercise. often serving as first example. taking on jimmy fallon in a fitness battle and teaching workout moves to kids. the coveted cover model is not above a little vanity as she approaches 50. i have never felt more confident in myself. more clear on who i am as a woman. i want to be this really fly 80, 90-year-old. i asked her former campaign chief of staff how she'll be remembered. >> fun, passionate, a good mom, a great spouse. somebody that so many women across this country can relate to. >> reporter: when it comes to
9:11 am
presidential politics and whether there will be a female commander in chief in her lifetime, mrs. obama says yes, i think the country is ready for it. it's just a question of who is the best person out there. >> the first lady turns 50 in january. 11 minutes after 9:00. it's going to be a warm one out there. >> it is. beautiful day in the bay area. element of danger lurking on the horizon. fire danger out there. we're going to start out with numbers mostly clear 60 degrees. temperatures will be up. because of a chance of thunderstorms, not a great chance. nevertheless, dry thunderstorms, lightning could spark a fire or go. that's why the national weather service hoisted red flag warnings through wednesday. all the dry fuel bares watching. temperatures across the coast, shows a relatively mild day
9:12 am
across much of the country. warm in phoenix. 70s down into parts of nebraska. today they have the tomato festival in fairfield. tomatoes ripen in 103-degree temperatures just like that. those beefsteaks and hair loom tomatoes. heirloom tomatoes. sunny start to today. warms up a lot. slight chance of thunderstorms by tonight. that lingers through wednesday. that's why. that low pressure. monterrey peninsula keeping unstable air in the future. that southerly flow around the low means that we could get some high clouds and kind of a sticky feeling for the next 3 days. humid side. uncharacteristic for this part of the country. 100 degrees at livermore today. 13 degrees above average. 72 in the city. 85 in san jose. we look at the numbers, we'll be looking at mostly 80s. 84 at santa clara. 85 for san jose. plenty warm in the east bay.
9:13 am
near 100 degrees. 104 at brentwood. 103 at fairfield. north bay, relatively mild by comparison. mid to upper 80s. 91 at san rafael. extended forecast, chance of thunderstorms lingering through the bay area tonight through wednesday. wouldn't expect much out of that. temperatures will be warm today. cooling from here. we have a fairly normal week ahead, except for the chance of thunderstorms. today looks great. >> nice to see something new in your graphics though. looks kind of exciting. >> would be if they happened. we don't want fires. we'll see what develop the. 15 days from opening day of the new bay bridge. this week the bridge authority approved the temporary fix for the bad bolts on the new eastern span. >> there is risk to the public. there is risk to all of us. if we have a design level event, we want the public on
9:14 am
the new safe bridge. >> you've seen those signs on bay area freeways, drivers being warned the bay bridge will be shut down wednesday august 28th at 8:00 p.m. it is set to open up september 3rd at 5:00 a.m. for more on the new eastern span and all the safety concerns, the head of state transportation economy state senator mark desaulnier joined us >> he wants to know why the construction project took so long and cost so much. but now, is it really safe to open? >> yes. the whole reason we've gone through this is to get people off of the old bridge. since 1989 that the public is at risk as long as they're on that old bridge. >> there still was a feeling that this $6 billion bridge which went way over cost, took longer than anybody imagined, the idea was let's get it done and done right. it's going to need work after
9:15 am
it's open. isn't that a concern? >> it is. two issues. getting people on to the new one, knowing it's safe. we've had three different independent groups including the federal highway administration look at temporary fix. this will work. our committee is going it take a lot of time with this. go back through and do a forensic investigation to find out what went wrong. >> what went wrong, it seems like everything went wrong with this bridge. >> i used to call it the poltergeist project. these big projects have a tendency to go over budget. this is historic levels nationally. 10 years that it's late. it was supposed to be finished in 2003. >> what do you think you'll be keepkeying in on? >> go up to the present.
9:16 am
we'll find there were reasonable things that happened, the price of steel, we had to buy steel from china. they couldn't do the work up to our specifications. things nobody could have anticipated. we're also going to see there's been a fairly high level of mismanagement. >> we're talking about cal trans here. state agency charged with this. when you say mismanagement, i think of the bolts. what are we talking about? >> we're going to find a lot of things. original estimate was $1.3 billion. it's $5 billion more. we're going to find out how we had orders. it's going to be an interesting journey trying to find out what happened. >> this is the most glaring example of questions. but we have some even bigger ones in the works. sacramento and the voters have approved a high speed rail from
9:17 am
san francisco to los angeles. supposed to get underway. the delta tunnel plan which is to bore huge tunnels under the delta to ship water to southern california. does this raise concerns about the ability to do those things? >> huge concerns. i was a critic of the proposal on high speed rail. i voted against the appropriation. judge decided it was contrary to what the voters voted on. we've got a lot of work to do with these big products. they're not very responsive to the public. >> of course the opening plans for the day after labor day. i wonder if they'll open it up earlier though. depends how quickly they're able to get the work done. >> the hope is to open it earlier. that's why they're taking so much time to do it. hillary clinton is back in the spotlight. >> will she run for the white house again? our political insider on her chances of success, coming up next. ,,
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woman: as long as i live. man: i realized, at that moment, when we first saw the damage, these people really needed us and i was going to make a difference, right here in my community. together with local responders, we cleared trees and collapsed walls. we had to get to the family trapped beneath. as a citizen-soldier, i made a difference. announcer: be there for your community, at her latest appearance in san as hillary clinton came across
9:20 am
like a presidential candidate during her latest appearance in san francisco. she has not committed to another run in 2016 she was in the bay area for an annual meeting of the american bar association. >> we've seen a sweeping effort to on truck new obstacles to voting. often under cover of the addressing a phantom epidemic of election fraud. >> clinton blasted the supreme court decision to strike down parts of a 1965 voting rights act. our exclusive kpix poll shows a lot of californians generally like her. 43% said they have a favorable opinion. 35% unfavorable and 16% are neutral. her speech marks the first of several speeches about democracy this modern times. >> we turn on that theme to gavin newsome and karla. our first question about hillary's trip to san francisco. is this the kickoff of a presidential campaign.
9:21 am
>> speech wise, most pundits would agree the speech was timely, the speech was very policy oriented. the speech also foretold of subsequent speeches on not dissimilar topics. >> what are you seeing? >> she laid it out there. got huge attention. everyone saw this as the beginning of the campaign they're looking forwards who is she going to have working with her. somebody who is really sharp? or some of the old guards? that could make the difference. >> biggest challenge for the clintons is what makes them great, not good, is their loyalty. also makes vulnerable. the frustration of the organization she had in iowa. the organization in new hampshire. challenge is to allow for that loyalty to remain intact but move to start building a new team that's more progressive in terms of the way they organize their campaign strategies.
9:22 am
>> speaking of organizing campaign. unlike past clinton visits, if she stops at an intimate dinner fundraiser. straight in and straight out. you were one of the three people that saw her. >> i just happened to be down the block. heard she was there. decided to join. when she found out i was there in classic clinton fashion they made sure that i was grabbed, pulled in the back and sat alone. wasn't the type of organized effort that is typical. >> but notice they had their feelers out there. they knew who was in the audience. was not just a speech to the aba. >> i will not say what our private conversation was. these guys run it differently. obama doesn't. for all his success, he markable candidate and campaigner, they just don't run at that level of loyalty and
9:23 am
coordination. >> she was so formidable right now. women are hungering for this campaign to be good and be strong. >> you pick up the paper today, you'll read about howard dean is in iowa. is dean going to jump back in from more progressive perspective. you have a senator from minnesota in iowa. all these rising stars we create every other day from mayors, mayor castro to cory booker. so you never know. i think it's a healthy thing to have a good primary opponent and to strengthen that candidacy. >> sounds like more when, not if is she going to make her presidential run. >> i think the democratic field will open up if she steps in. as our poll showed, 43% of the voters in california, only 43% are ready to vote for her now. this is an overwhelmingly democratic state. she's not work cut out for her.
9:24 am
>> that number was a little surprising. we'll see as it unfolds. i love presidential runs. always an interesting time. >> we'll have it right here. when we come back, we'll take one last look at top stories. >> including new rights for transgender students. how san francisco is leading the way. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:25 am
9:26 am
welcome back. here's a look at this morning's top stories. >> san francisco fire chief is banning helmet cams. that's after images surfaced of that fatal accident following the asiana airlines crash. a department rig running over and kill ago girl who was covered with fire retardant foam. the chief says she's concerned about the privacy. critics say it's more about liability. a law signed by governor brown will give new rights to transgender students in california's public schools.
9:27 am
similar rules are already in place in san francisco, providing students access to bathrooms and sports teams of their choice. this morning he works with each student, the student's parents as well as the school to work things outs. opponents have finalled language for a referendum, however to repeal it. also there are planning lawsuits. the new bay bridge set to open just after labor day. we spoke with state senator mark desaulnier. he said three different transportation groups have looked at the temporary bridge and they say it's safe. the senator is launching an investigation into why the project took so long and cost so much. he admits there is most likely some mismanagement. it is going to be a warm one around the bay area. a lot of activities going on this weekend. >> you have summed it up beautifully. warmer today. temperatures, sunshine and the potential for thunderstorms here and there. first let's have a look at the way things are right now.
9:28 am
concord, 63 degrees. sfo, 63. santa rosa, 66. sunny start in much of the bay area. low clouds lingering. forecast highs, look at livermore, 100 degrees. san jose, 85 degrees. a chance of thunderstorms move into the bay area after midnight. there is fire related danger as a result. we'll look for things to cool off this week. not before we get a chance of a shock or two. it's just a slight chance. heads up. >> all right. 38th annual san jose pride celebration features something different. >> weddings. now that same-sex marriage is legal in california, organizers are offering on site marriages. about 1200 people were there yesterday. organizers expect an even bigger crowd today. pride runs from noon until 7:00. thanks for joining us this morning. ,,,,,,,,
9:29 am
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